What We Do

Our core sectors of expertise are public affairs, strategic communications, political advising and compliance, and government relations.

Public Affairs

Our team has experience in developing and implementing grassroots movements that will work with industry experts, lobbyists, policymakers, and stakeholders to create the environment for a successful advocacy campaign necessary for the success of a major policy initiative or to shape public opinion.

Strategic Communications

Our team utilizes the most advanced research to navigate complex communications scenarios. Our experience includes tailored communications strategies, public opinion formation, and crisis communication management. Plus, utilizing our expertise in digital media we are able to cut through clutter to delivery quick results.

Political Advisory and Campaign Compliance

Our team is comprised of the best political operatives in the world. We have advised presidents, prime ministers, premiers, governors, senators, congressmen, members of parliament, and party leaders all over the world.

Additionally, we counsel on federal candidates, political parties, super PACs, politically active 501(c) organizations, and individual donors on federal campaign finance. Our team will review clients’ campaign financial disclosures before filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to ensure compliance with applicable law. Similarly, we will counsel state and local clients on applicable laws on non-federal campaigns.


Tough campaigns are our passion and we demand excellence in all facets of campaigning.


If you want to win, choose The Emert Group. 

Lobbying and Government Relations Areas
  • Aviation

  • Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Foreign Country Representation

  • ​Defense

  • Aerospace

  • Telecommunications

  • Energy

  • Natural Resources

  • Healthcare

  • Government Contracting


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